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Last Monday night, West Vancouver council voted unanimously to rezone what is currently the Sewell’s Marina parking lot into a 6-building complex housing 159 condo units. The buildings will range in height from 3 to11 storeys and14,000 sqf of commercial space will also be included in the plans.

Highlights of the project include LEED gold environmental design, a geothermal cooling system that makes use of ocean water, and more than $10 million in cash and in-kind amenity contributions from Westbank for the District of West Vancouver.

At the request of the Sewell family, current West Vancouver residents will be given a 5% discount and all owners must sign a declaration stating that that they, or a family member, will live in the unit they purchase and that they will not flip the property for short-term profit or have the contract assigned to another buyer before taking possession.

Model of upcoming development by Westbank.

Model of the upcoming development (North Shore News).

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