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“The wise  invest their money in real estate.” 


-Andrew Carnegie

Add Expertise to Your Search ...

North Vancouver Realtor. Deep Cove Realtor.

There are plenty of both challenges and opportunities in today's market.

We offer the expertise and service needed to navigate any kind of real estate climate to help you secure your ideal property for the best price and terms possible.


That means working closely with you to best understand your priorities and needs, and actively seeking opportunities for you both on and off the market. 

Once it’s time to put in an offer, there will be no doubt that you have someone negotiating on your behalf to protect your interests and attain the best result for you.

Have questions? Feel free to contact Marie or fill in the "Property Search" form at the bottom of this page. 


You can also search our listings portal for Vancouver home buyers here. 


For private home sale and exclusive listing opportunities in Vancouver, please get in touch.

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Buyers Resources

mortgage preapproval

One of the most important steps of the buying process is to seek financial preapproval. Contact me if you would like some recommendations for mortgage services. 

moving expenses for buyers

Although the seller typically covers the majority of costs for a sale, there are costs incurred by the buyer. Here's a list of anticipated expenses during / following the purchase of a home.  

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Buying a home in Vancouver
mortgage calculator
best realtor vancouver
mortgage calculator
mortgage calculator
best realtor vancouver
mortgage affordabilty calcualtor
best realtor vancouver
Cost saving programs for home buyers
best realtor vancouver
top vancouver realtor

The BCFSA's "Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services" form explains the differences between working with a realtor as their customer or their client. Any Realtor who is helping you with your search is expected to have gone through the form with you. 

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What are you searching for?

Staying on top of the best new listings is essential if you don't want to miss out. Fill in the fields below in as much detail as possible and I can send you real-time updates on relevant new properties as they become available. 

Thanks! You'll hear from me shortly.

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