Giving Back

Having lived and worked in multiple cities around the world, I can honestly say that the more I travel, the more I appreciate calling Vancouver home.

In an effort to give back to this amazing city, I regularly support the following three local organisations: 

Pacific Parklands Supporter
Arts Umbrella donation
Children's Hospital Supporter

"Pacific Parklands Foundation acts as a catalyst to unite the community – government, businesses, community leaders, individuals, and other non-profit organizations – to improve, sustain, and expand Metro Vancouver Regional Parks."

"We believe that art is for everyone. As a not-for-profit arts education centre, we think access to the highest quality arts education is a basic human right, regardless of your experience, education, socio-economic background or ballet slipper size. We are just for those ages 2 to 19 though, because, well, we love the way kids and youth love the arts."

"We work with children, families, caregivers and hundreds of thousands of British Columbians each year to raise funds to support child health."